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Improve overall wellness. Balanced, opened chakras. Feel refreshed and renewed. Clarity. Be open to your inner guidance. Remove indecisiveness, brain fog Spiritually. Connect to your Higher self, Guides. Tap into your intuition, or psychic abilities. Mentally, Handle stress better. Remove anxiety. Physically, Less aches, pains. Feel lighter, more energetic


Beloved Temple

There are many layers to our energy field. Your body consists of 5 layers. The first layer is your physical body. The 4 outer layers are considered as your “aura”. Western medicine only address the physical body, while the rest of us is ignored. Someone that is a practitioner of reiki or someone that does another form of spiritual healing addresses all layers.

Grounding Your Energy

Everything is energy therefore it is important to ground ourselves so that we have stability within ourselves and environment

Protecting Your Energy

Developing a spiritual practice is imperative in having a less stressful, anxious day. It assists one with having more clarity and having more patience.

Dusting Yourself Off

This is a simple yet effective exercise to cleanse your energy field in any situation that you are unable to use sage or take a spiritual bath.


Master instructor

Most get up in the morning and hit the ground running. Many get up to prepare for work, help their families prepare for their day. The day just starts without tapping into your soul/spirit. We shower, bathe to clean our bodies but most do nothing to care for and nurture the soul/spirit.

Bridgette Scott

Master Instructor & Author

“One of the things I do first thing in the morning is what I call “putting on my armor.” This is especially necessary for empaths or very sensitive people.”

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