Layers of Your Energy Field

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    There are many layers to our energy field. Your body consists of 5 layers. The first layer is your physical body.  The 4 outer layers are considered as your “aura”. Western medicine only address the physical body, while the rest of us is ignored. Someone that is a practitioner of reiki or someone that does another form of spiritual healing addresses all layers.

    The first layer is the etheric body – “ether” means the state between energy, matter. It is two inches beyond our physical body. The aura can be various colors depending on the health, mood of the person. This layer holds the physical form in place.

    The emotional body – the second body of the auric field. It is three inches from the body and interpenetrates the physical, etheric bodies.

    Mental body – this is where our mental thought process takes place. It extends 3-8 inches from the physical body.

    Astral body – This body is one in which non- physical interaction takes place between people. Those that are clairvoyant are able to see this layer. It corresponds with the heart chakra.

    The Etheric template body – this layer extends 1-2 feet away from the body. This is the blueprint in which the physical body forms. This layer corresponds to the throat chakra.

    The celestial body – This is the layer that corresponds to the third eye. This is the center in which we are able to experience states of consciousness and Universal love.

     The Ketheric Template or Casual body – extends 2-3 feet, encompasses a layer of protection all the other bodies.  This layer deals with a person’s life path. There are layers beyond this one though are related to the “cosmic plane”. I will only focus on the first 7 layers here. The diagram below gives some brief insight of the others.