Putting On Your Armor

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    Most get up in the morning and hit the ground running. Many get up to prepare for work, help their families prepare for their day. The day just starts without tapping into your soul/spirit. We shower, bathe to clean our bodies but most do nothing to care for and nurture the soul/spirit.

    This leaves the average person feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied with life. Even the most famous people who seem to have it all have been known to take their lives. In my personal opinion it is due to their souls crying out for nurturing and them not knowing how to care for it.

    It is very important to take some time for self in the morning prior to leaving the house. 10-15 minutes is a good start though, what’s important is consistency.

    One of the things I do first thing in the morning is what I call “putting on my armor.” This is especially necessary for empaths or very sensitive people.

    Grounding Your Energy

    Everything is energy therefore it is important to ground ourselves so that we have stability within ourselves and environment. If you think of a strong oak tree in the midst of a storm. You will notice that a few leaves and limbs maybe missing though the oak tree is strong, grounded and rooted. It is not uprooted by the storm. This analogy applies to us in the form of energy around us. There are many ways to ground your energy. This is a simple, effective way to do it.

    Grounding exercise:

    Sit with feet flat on the ground. Place hands flat with palms up on your legs. You could add a small crystal in each hand. With eyes closed take a few moments to get still within your body. Imagine roots growing from your feet. See the roots go through the floor and finally connecting to the ground outside. If you have a tree in front of your house you can take it a step further and add your roots to the trees roots for added energetic support. See the roots wrap around and gather together. See them travel down into the Earth, pushing through the dirt. In moments you will see the Earth’s core. See it any color that you desire, I see it as red due to the color that corresponds with the root chakra.

    See the roots wrap around the Earth’s core. This is your anchor, allows you to feel stability, safety and security. This exercise can be done for any amount of time though, 5 minutes is ideal to feel the effects of it.

    Another way is walking on the ground barefoot also known as “Earthing” or grounding. Go near a tree – the older the better. Place your feet at the base of the tree, place your hands on the bark of the tree. You may feel light tingling, vibrations in your palms and feet. Trees are very spiritual beings and remarkable healers.

    Shielding exercise – This is also known as the bubble of white light. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, palms up with a small crystal in both hands if you choose to.

    Protection/Shielding Exercise

    Imagine a beam of white light above your head. See it enter the crown of your head. See it travel down into your third-eye, and descend into your body all the way to your feet. Now see the light surround your being. Allow a bubble of this brilliant white light to surround your entire being. Feel, bask in this warmth and protection. This can be done for any amount of time but at least 5 minutes to be able to feel the effects of it.

    Developing a spiritual practice is imperative in having a less stressful, anxious day. It assists one with having more clarity and having more patience. Prior to using my phone I start my day with going before my altar and giving thanks to my Ancestors. I follow through with yoga, meditation and affirmations. Setting aside 15-20  minutes and develop a morning spiritual routine prior to leaving your home and going about your day.

    Dusting Yourself Off

    This is a simple yet effective exercise to cleanse your energy field in any situation that you are unable to use sage or take a spiritual bath. This doesn’t replace either but gives you some resolution until you are able to do a bath or use sage or any other cleansing methods that you may use. Standing straight take both of your hands with palms open. From head to toe; you’re going to wipe over your body. As if your brushing over your body. At the midpoint which would be your waist line – take a break and dust your hands off away from your body towards the ground. You’re going to continue on down to your ankles. Dust your hands off a few times. This is also known as sweeping or dusting off your energy field.