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    Crystals that support the crown chakra are:
    Clear quartz – powerful stone for manifestation of intentions for wealth, prosperity, abundance
    Amethyst- assists with stress, insomnia, anxiety, intuition
    Lapis lazuli –encourages self – awareness, inspires confidence

    Foods that support the crown chakra are:
    Purple grapes

    The yoga poses to support the crown chakra:
    Shoulder stand , Headstand and Crane pose

    The affirmation for the crown chakra is: “I am one with my Higher self and one with the Divine.”
    Essential oils that support the crown chakra are:
    Frankincense – this essential oil assists with abandonment, spiritually disconnected, distant from father, spiritual darkness.
    Lemon –this oil assists with learning disorders, confusion, difficulty adjusting or transitioning.
    Rosemary- assists with transition and change. Supports in feeling confident and assured during times of great change in understanding or perspective.This is a great oil for empaths.

    Crystals that support the third eye chakra are:
    Labradorite – a stone of transformation, a useful companion through change, protects, balancing the aura
    lepidolite –greatly eases intensity of feelings of stress, depression, anxiety, worry and addictions
    sodalite–encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth, intuition, calms panic attack

    Foods that support the third-eye chakra are:
    purple sweet potatoes
    The affirmation for the third eye chakra is: “I am wise, intuitive, and aligned with my highest good.”
    The yoga poses to support the crown chakra:
    plough pose
    downward facing dog

    Essential Oils
    Clary sage – assists with giving one courage to see the truth. It dispels darkness, illusion
    Lemongrass-is a powerful energy cleanser and dispels feelings of despair, lethargy, spiritual blindness, hoarding, holding onto the past
    Lavender- addresses a deep fear of being seen and heard, encourages emotional honesty

    Crystals that support the throat chakra are:
    blue lace agate – boosts your ability to communicate
    chrysocolla – draws out guilt, heals heartache, improves communication, encourages self-awareness, inner balance
    dumortierite – assists in boosting confidence, reduces stubbornness. A good stone for children.

    Foods that support the throat chakra are:

    The affirmation for the throat chakra is:
    “I am a speaking clearly and truthfully with grace and ease”
    The yoga poses to the throat support this chakra:
    bow pose
    sitting forward bend
    lion pose

    Essential oils that support the throat chakra:
    Lavender – creates balance, opens the throat chakra and encourage personal expression.
    Cypress – promotes mental clarity, and effective communication
    Peppermint – promote a sense of calm, strength and enable the truth to be spoken.

    Crystals that support the heart chakra are:
    rose quartz – assists with love, forgiveness, self-love, emotional balance
    green aventurine – helps to loosen and release negativity and energy blockages
    moss agate- stimulates creativity, assists with strength and courage, helps relieve stress and fearFoods that support the heart chakra are:

    The affirmation for the heart chakra is:
    “I am a giving and receiving love effortlessly and unconditionally”
    The yoga poses to support this chakra:
    head to knee forward bend
    fish pose

    Essential oils that support the heart chakra:
    Rose oil – assists with benefit of divine love, constricted feelings, closed or broken heart
    Peppermint – assists with unbearable pain, intense depression, heaviness, pessimistic, muddled
    Eucalyptus – assists with attached illness, clingy, defeated, despair, to escape life or responsibilities, imprisoned, powerless to heal

    Crystals that support the solar plexus chakra are:
    amber – assists with anxiety, fatigue, arthritis, joints, improves sleep quality
    sunstone – assists with, protection life force, grounding, warming the heart, rejuvenates the spirit.
    citrine –stimulates the brain, promotes motivation and activates creativity, releases negative traits, fears and phobias

    Foods that support the solar plexus chakra are:
    orange peppers
    The affirmation for the solar plexus chakra is: “I am powerful, confident, and successful in all my ventures.”
    The yoga poses to support the solar plexus chakra:
    cow pose
    camel pose
    sitting spinal twist

    Essential oils that assist with the solar plexus chakra are:
    White fir-assists with that are generational or hereditary, burdened by the issues by the issues of others.
    Clove – assists with victim, defeated, dominated, enslaved, fear of rejection, intimidated, controlled by others, co-dependent.
    Fennel- assists lack of desire, unwilling to take responsibility for self or life, shame, weak sense of Self, numb body signals.

    Crystals that support the sacral chakra:
    brecciated jasper – a stone of strength and vitality, brings clarity, stimulates the sacral chakra
    Carnelian – restores vitality, motivation, creativity, useful for overcoming abuse
    Calcite –connects the emotions with the intellect

    Figure 18 – Sacral Chakra Crystals
    Foods that support the sacral chakra are:
    Sweet potatoes

    Yoga poses that assist with the sacral chakra:
    Twisting triangle
    Extended lateral angle pose & Dancers pose

    Affirmation for the sacral chakra:
    “I am authentically creating a life free of stress and full of bliss”
    Essential oils that assist with the sacral chakra are:
    Wild orange –assists with scarcity, over serious, rigid, dull, low energy, discouraged, hoarding, envy
    Cinnamon – assists with body rejection, fear, controlling, jealousy,
    Sexual abuse, sexual expression, or over active sexuality
    Cypress – assists with controlling, fear, perfectionism, rigidity

    Crystals that support the root chakra are:
    Hematite – stimulates concentrate and focus, enhances memory and Concentration and balances the meridians of the body
    Bloodstone- useful for detoxification, cleansing the body
    Black tourmaline – repels and blocks negative energy, protects against electromagnetic “smog” such as radiation, noise and sensitivity and other disturbances. This is a good stone to have near electronics for protection.

    Foods that support the root chakra are:

    The affirmation for the root chakra is:
    “I am a Divine being of light, I am Peaceful, protected and secure.”
    The yoga poses to support the root chakra:
    Tree pose
    Eagle pose
    Warrior pose

    Essential oils that support the root chakra:
    Patchouli – this assists body shame, disconnect from the body, judgment of the body, tension in the body.
    Vetiver – assists with apathetic, despondent, disconnected, scattered, split, stressed, ungrounded, need to escape, crisis.

    Myrrh – assists with disrupted maternal connection, distrust of others, feeling unsafe in the world, malnourished